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A Trusted Name in Gold Jewellery


Gold has been used in the production of jewellery since antiquity for its natural radiance and beauty and jewellery is part of every fashion woman’s look. With the maximalist trend taking the streets with bold patterned and coloured outfits everything, undoubtedly simple, streamlined accessories are a necessary balance. A love for jewellery making evolved into creating fashion forward simple stunner designs that can be worn from day to night. From costume picks to classic fine jewellery, Yours Jewels’ demi-fine collection bridges the ideal for pieces that are visually commanding without breaking your bank. The collection carries the story inspired by the things we love of the different seasons.Yours Jewels’ pieces are handcrafted by skilled artisan using pure gold, a perfect personal complement to your unique identity. The art of adornment of demi-fine jewellery blend seamlessly into every possible ensemble, either on its own or mixing and matching for an exquisite look to your personality.